Geek Picks of the Week

Stranger Things T-Shirt | With just over 10 days to go until I can binge through Season 2 of Stranger Things, I’m currently in the process of mentally preparing myself for what I can only imagine will be some fucked up shit, that will no doubt blow my mind. I’m also physically preparing myself by eating ALL the eggos, and now I’ve found the perfect T-Shirt to wear whilst doing so. This Raglan is AMAZING. It features everything Stranger Things in tiny icon form. A bicycle, D20, X-Men Comic, and fairy lights are just a few of the things that stand out on this shirt. So cute. It’s like you’re getting a constant season 1 recap. I can’t wait to see what icons are used for the S2 shirt. Please make one. (Truffle Shuffle)

100 Movie Scratch Poster | If I was going to be honest, I’d say I spend about 60% of my life sleeping and 30% watching movies or TV shows. The other 10% should probably go on work, but I mean – 10 is being pretty optimistic. With that in mind, you’d be excused for thinking I’m a bit of a movie connoisseur, but that’s far from reality because I never seem to get over 50 on those ‘top 100 movies of all time’ lists, which drives me crazy. It’s genuinely my life goal to get 100 on one of those damn things, and this movie scratch map is going to help me do it. It looks awesome, and there are incentives – sort of. You get a colourful poster at the end of it. (Firebox)

Jane Eyre Bookmarks | Since it’s the 170 year anniversary of Jane Eyre today – if my math is correct, which it rarely is, but fingers crossed – I felt like one of my geeky picks had to be Charlotte Bronte related. Her book is one of my favourites, and always makes me feel like a literary goddess whenever I read it because it’s so damn old and yet I totally understand it – well, most of it. Anyway, these bookmarks, depicting little animated versions of Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester, are adorable and now I don’t think I could ever read the novel again without one of them to hold my place. It’s like having company while you read, but not, because they don’t distract you until you lose where you are so that you end up reading the same line over and over again and want to stab yourself in the eye. (Etsy)

Totoro Slippers | I have never said this to anyone before, but I’m really not that fussed about My Neighbour Totoro – please don’t stab me in the eye. I know I joked about it earlier, but  I really like my eyes.  Ghibli is basically worshipped by all anime fans, but I’ve never really understood the whole anime thing. I guess I just haven’t seen enough to make a proper judgement – though I did watch this weird show called Space Dandy a couple of months ago, and if I needed my faith to be restored in anything, that would have done it because it was mental and colourful and, did I mention mental. But yeah, Totoro – I don’t get you, but you sure are cute, and I love slippers, and I also love the idea of putting my feet into your belly. (Firebox)

4 thoughts on “Geek Picks of the Week

    • I’ve seen loads of really nice Stranger Things shirts recently, they’ve done so well with their merchandise. I just want everything

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