The Shannara Chronicles Everyday Cosplay

After a bit of a lengthy hiatus, I figured it was about time I got back into blogging, and thought what better way than with an Everyday Cosplay – just in time for Halloween. These outfits are inspired by the four main characters from The Shannara Chronicles – a new series I recently watched, and surprisingly enjoyed.

wil-ohmsford-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesGrey Jacket | Turquoise Hoodie | Brown Jeans | Grey Boots | Grey Beanie | Brown Rucksack | Brown Gloves | Brown Cuff | Turquoise Ring | Turquoise Necklace | Brown Bracelet

eretria-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesBrown Jacket | Brown Hoodie | Grey Jeans | Dark Brown Boots | Brown Satchel Bag | Dagger Necklace | Brown Fur Gloves | Brown Cuff | Wolf Skull Necklace | Brown Bracelet

allanon-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesLong Grey Cardigan | Grey Vest Top | Dark Brown Trousers | Brown Boots | Silver Druid Ring | Black Gloves | Brown CuffRune Ring | Celtic Sun Necklace | Brown Cuff

amberle-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesBlack Draped Cardigan | Brown Corset | Red Leather Trousers | Black Boots | Silver Elf Ears | Tree of Life Necklace | Black Gloves | Red BraceletRaven Ring | Silver Cuff | Crows Feet Bracelet

My favourite outfit is Wil’s because the teal on grey colour combo is something I am all about right now, but I’m also pretty obsessed with Eretria’s because it’s perfect for Autumn. Which one is your favourite? Have you seen The Shannara Chronicles yet? What did you think?

Inside Out Everyday Cosplay


Pixar’s Inside Out was an instant hit with me. It was an easy film to connect with because all the characters were so relatable, plus it was so much fun to watch, but still managed to break you down – an emotional roller coaster if you will.

The film revolves around the life of11 year old Riley, but it’s the emotions in her head I want to take a closer look at. Disgust, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Joy are personified feelings that guide Riley through a big change in her life. Each character is obviously very unique, and I think you’ll be able to guess their characteristics from their names. I love that every emotion has been designed to reflect these characteristics, and I adore their little outfits, so have decided to create an everyday cosplay for each of them. Check out my interpretation of their outfits below if you fancy stealing their style.


Disgust’s Everyday Cosplay combines a Green Dress with a purple scarf and purple pumps. Her green skin led me to add a cardigan and satchel bag of the same shade. Her purple lips are one of her prominent features so I couldn’t resist adding this Mac lipstick in Lavender.


Sadness’ Everyday Cosplay cosists of blue jeans and a grey jumper. She wears slippers in the movie, so I added blue vans because they’re just as comfy. I also added some purple glasses. Sadness spends a lot of time under her own cloud of misery, so I accessorised her outfit with a raincloud necklace, but balanced that out with this blue bag because she has a heart of gold.


Fear’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of dark blue jeans, a blue and white pinstripe shirt, and a houndstooth jacket – ain’t nobody got time for a sweater vest. I added a raspberry hair bow and some pumps to colour coordinate. Finally, I pIcked this purple bag because it was the same shade as Fears skin.


Anger’s Everyday Cosplay combines a brown skirt with brown boots, and a cream shirt. He has red skin, so I also added a red jacket and a red bag. Because of his explosive personality, I finished the outfit off with a necklace full of flames, and some earrings that look like little balls of fire.


Joy’s Everyday Cosplay consists of a pale yellow dress, a blue cardigan, and some blue flats. Her happy personality led me to add this awesome smiley face bag and some blue flowered earings. Finally, I wanted to add a sunshine necklace to signify that she is the opposite of Sadness – who has a cloud – but that you don’t get one without the other (well, not in England anyway)

Personally, my favourite Everyday Cosplay is Disgust. It’s got a very fun rockerbilly vibe about it, though Sadness is probably more my style and one I would actually wear day to day. Which is your favourite? Could you see yourself wearing one of these outfits?

Rat Queens Everyday Cosplay

If you are yet to jump on the Rat Queens bandwagon, get your skates on. The comic book series, created by Kurtis J. Wiebe, is completely badass; it’s World of Warcraft meets Bridesmaids, and is not to be missed. 

Dee, Violet, Betty and Hannah make up the guild. They’re foul mouthed, sassy, a bit rowdy, and stylish as hell. I couldn’t think of a better team to base this weeks Everyday Cosplay on. Their outfits are awesome; medievil with a slightly modern twist.  I love how each character has a different colour scheme which sticks throughout the entire series, even when their clothing changes. Check out my interpretation of their outfit’s below if you fancy stealing their style.

Hannah’s Everyday Cosplay consists of a red leather jacket, strapless pink top, and a red skirt. I accessorised it with some red heels and a pair of gold bracelets to match the detail on her outfit. I also added a white crystal necklace which reminded me of the gem at the end of her staff.


Violet’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of some torn white jeans, a turquoise dress, and a light blue belt. I added a dark brown scarf and some leather cuffs to blend the colours together. I also added some turquoise converse and this cute crystal sword necklace which was too beautiful to exclude. It looks just like a mini version of one of the sword she slays with. I love it.

Betty’s Everyday Cosplay combines long beige shorts with a white crop top and brown hoody. I also gave her some brown Toms and turquoise bangles. I found a gold and turquoise beaded necklace which looks very similar to the one she wears throughout the comic. Finally, I couldn’t resist adding some foamy mushrooms, which combine two of her favourite things: sweets and drugs.

Dee’s Everday Cosplay consists of a purple pencil skirt with a black corset top, and some long black socks with purple stripes. I accessorised the outfit with lots of skulls; a skull bracelet, a giant skull necklace, and some black heels absolutely covered in the things. I completed her look with a golden squid tentical ring; her parents do worship a giant flying squid after all.

Alice in Wonderland Everyday Cosplay

Everyday Cosplay allows you to steal your favourite fictional characters style, without looking too out of place in the real world. I love being able to give a subtle shout out to all of my favourite Fandoms, especially when incredibly appropriate. For example, who better to inspire your ‘going out for cake’ outfit than the queen of tea parties herself, Alice. Check out her outfit below:

Alice’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a blue dress with a White Cardigan. In true Alice style I added some black strapped flats and an Alice Band to the outfit, along with some cute white bunny tights. A pocket watch pendent and some ‘Open Me, Drink Me’ earrings brings the ensemble together, with these adorable bracelets from Etsy made from real China teacups.

Ursula And Eric Everyday Cosplay

Disney is adapting the Little Mermaid’s tale for the big screen yet again, only this time it won’t be animated, so I’m über excited to see how they’ll portray the characters costumes. Last week I showed you guys an Everyday Cosplay outfit I created for Ariel, so this week I made one for her nemesis Ursula, and her Prince, Eric. Everyday Cosplay means you can steal a characters style, without looking too out of place in the real world.

Check them out below:

Ursula’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a black strapless dress from Superdry, a lilac jacket from New Look, and some purple Dr. martens. Because Ursula’s hair is White, I added a white bow from Claire’s. I also added replicas of her shell necklace and purple shell earrings, both from Etsy. Finally, I found an awesome gold bracelet from Open Sky that looks just like one of Ursula’s tentacles.

Prince Eric’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a blue skirt from Zalando, a white crop top from Amazon, and a black cardigan from Oasis. The black boots are from Shuch, and the red belt is from Yoox. Prince Eric is a mariner, so I added this steering wheel necklace from Etsy. I also added a roped bracelet from Kiel James Patrick, who specialise in cute Nautical jewellery. 

Ariel Everyday Cosplay

Disney have announced that they will be producing yet another live-action movie based on one of their princesses; Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and I’m interested to see how they will portray her look. Ariel’s style is pretty distinctive, but not everyone can pull off a shell bra or long red hair, so I  decided to create an Everyday Cosplay for her which means you can look like the little mermaid, without having to hop around wearing a tail with seaweed in your hair.

Check it out below:

Ariel’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of green jeans from Zalando, a shell crop top from Adorkable Apparel, and a long red cardigan from House of Fraser. I’ve also given her some turquoise Converse and a seashell bag from Pixie Market. Because Ariel is never far from her two fishy companions; Flounder and Sebastian, I added some red crab earrings from Etsy, and a Flounder necklace from Truffle Shuffle. Finally, I felt no Ariel outfit could be complete without a ‘Dinglehopper’ bracelet.

Batgirl Everyday Cosplay

  Last week I showed you my everyday version of Spider-Gwen’s costume, so today I’m going to be looking at another bad ass female character – Batgirl. Barbara Gordon, Batgirl’s alter-ego, has been around for just under fifty years. She has worn a number of outfits throughout time, but her current costume is by far my favourite. Designed by Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart, their modern take on the superheroine’s ensemble is inspiring.


Check out my Everyday Cosplay version below:

Batgirls Everyday cosplay is made up of a purple leather jacket from Mytheresa, and jeans from New Look – I just had to add a generic Bat Man t-shirt, even if you won’t see it under the jacket. I’ve given her yellow Dr. Martens, a yellow belt from Yoox, and a yellow satchel from Oxbridge Satchels. Finally, because a girl can’t leave home without protection, I’ve added some Batarang earrings from FoxyFunk on Etsy.

Spider-Gwen Everyday Cosplay

Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 2

Marvel’s new comic, Spider-Gwen, comes out on Wednesday and I can’t wait to pick it up. I’m insanely in love with her costume, but realistically, I can’t go around in a Lycra onesie and a mask.. Not outside of my bedroom anyway. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes her style, so here’s an Everyday Cosplay which means you can subtly dress like her without the strange looks.

Check out her outfit below:


Gwen’s Every Cosplay is made up of some black jeggings from Amazon, a black waistcoat from Yoox, and a white hoodie from Urban Textiles. I added turquoise Toms to the ensemble, then pulled on the colour coordinated accessories; a turquoise necklace from Simply Soles, a red scarf from Oliver Bonas, and some Red Sunglasses from Yoox. Finally, because of her web shooting abilities, I’ve added a spider web ring, and because of her drumming abilities (she’s in a band), I added some earrings made out of recycled drumsticks – both from Etsy.

Buddy Everyday Cosplay


Christmas is two days away now.. TWO DAYS!! So I thought it was time to bash out my Christmas themed Everyday Cosplay outfit. Instead of going down the Santa route (red and white really aren’t my colours), I went for a green and yellow alternative – Buddy, played by Will Farrell, in the Christmas movie; Elf.

Check out his outfit below:


Buddy’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of yellow skinny jeans from the Victoria Beckham clothing line, and a green jumper from Beaumont Organic. I went with a pair of black Dr. martens instead of elf shoes, and due to the cold nature of winter, added a white scarf from H&M, and a green beanie hat from Topshop. Finally, I added some Father Christmas earrings from Claire’s, because we all know Buddy has an obsession with Santa.

Bilbo Baggins Everyday Cosplay


Now that the last instalment of the Hobbit trilogy has finally hit cinema screens, I thought it was about time I created an Everyday Cosplay for a Tolkien character, and who better to pick than the main man himself; Bilbo Baggins. I love this particular ensemble. It looks so comfy and cosy.. Perfect for winter.

Check it out below:


Bilbo’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of some True Religion beige skinny jeans, a cream shirt and burgundy blazer from New Look, and a green jumper from Marks and Spencer. Hobbits obviously don’t wear shoes, but in England, your toes would freeze, so I picked the smallest, neutral pumps I could find. These are from H&M. Finally, I added a few accessories from Etsy; this Hobbit door necklace, and of course, a replica One Ring.