Image of the Day | Jeff Goldblum Machine

I’m 98% sure this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I LOVE Rube Goldberg machines. I think they’re one of the best things ever, but a Jeff Goldblum machine – well that just trumps everything. Firstly, Jeff Goldblum in the man – look at him chilling down at the bottom. Secondly, there’s a dinosaur! I cannot be the only person that wants to see this machine in action? I take my fictional hat off to artist Doug LaRocca because I’ve never seen anything like this, and all I want is more..

Image of the Day | The Little Merman


I came across this illustration by Luke Flowers, on Gallery 1988 and decided it had to be shared because it’s simply the craziest pop culture mash-up I’ve ever seen – who the hell would think to combine Zoolander with The Little Mermaid? Seriously! Seeing Derek Zoolander as Ariel, and Hansel as Prince Eric is the most bizarre yet beautiful thing in the world.

Image of the Day | What’s That Thing He’s On?


Happy Back to the Future Day! The 21st October signify’s that all important date that Marty McFly travels to when he’s transported to the future, so I thought I’d share one of my favourite Back to the Future Images, created by Ben the Illustrator.

I love everything about this piece – the vibrant colours, the textures, and most importantly, the reference to McFly’s favourite mode of transport, next to the Delorean of course.

Image of the Day | Baby Lumberjanes


Is this not the cutest picture ever? Cartoon Nerwork artist Kassandra Heller has created what I can only think to describe as Baby Lumberjanes. The usually tall and slender teenagers, originally drawn by Brooke Allen, have been transformed into adorable chubby munchkins, and I now find myself wondering why they don’t look like this all the time. I kind of wish someone would turn them into little plushies. I would buy the hell out of those. 

Image of the Day | My Little Pony / Alien


The best kind of artistic mashup is one that combines two fandoms from different ends of the spectrum. H. R. Giger’s Aliens are notoriously scary, like ‘pee your pants’ scary, but when designed to look like a My Little Pony, all I can think of is how much I want to cuddle one. Artist Ratigan has managed to transform everyone’s nightmare into nothing more than a cuddly toy – a cuddly toy that I wish I owned. It’s just brilliant.

Image of the day | Party on Wayne


What do you get when you put Darth Vader and Bruce Wayne (Batman) in a room together? Wayne’s World! This little graphic is brilliant, and combines not two.. but three of my favourite franchises, that’s why it’s my image of the day. Party on everybody!

You can find a few more funny Star Wars related images on the No Disintegrations site.

Image of the day | Legends of Tomorrow


It feels like it was only yesterday that CW announced a Flash / Arrow spin-off, and now they are already revealing the upcoming show’s very first poster.

The image shows off seven characters that will undoubtedly make up the assembled team ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ which includes (from the left) Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, Dr. Martin Stein, White Canary, Atom, Captain Cold and Heatwave.

It is interesting to see the addition of White Canary instead of the usual Black Canary, so I’m curious to see how that comes to pass. There is also a severe lack of Franz Drameh in this image, who was previously confirmed as one of the show’s leads.

Image of the Day | Star Wars / Ghostbusters Mash-up

Aptly titled It’s a Trap, this awesome nerdy mashup, created by graphic novelist Comicbookjershows Admiral Ackbar dressed as a Ghostbuster, holding his very own ghost trap. Never has an Illustraion been more appropriate – I can hear his famous words now! IT’S A TRAP! – yes it is Admiral, yes it is..

Image of the day | Batman is Daredevil

Heart melt activated..

J Salvador really knows how to mess with my heart. His Super Emo Friends collection is, well.. Super emo. This Batman / Daredevil illustration is one of his latest and it’s making my face scrunch up at how adorably soul crushing it is. Ben Affleck may make a better Batman, but we will never forget his Daredevil – probably not for the best reasons mind you.

Image of the day | In Case of Fire

It’s almost the weekend, so I thought I’d kick off the occasion with this incredibly cute picture of Squirtle. It was created by Nacho Diaz, I just wish it was real. Squirtle is a boss at putting out fires, I don’t think anything else would make me feel safer than having his Hydro Pump ability laying around.