Funko Friday: TMNT Pop! Vinyl Party Wagon


Funko are renowned for creating adorable pop culture figures – designed with the Chibli style in mind, making them all cute as a button. Even the villains of various fandoms appear harmless in this form. They look like big headed babies with bug eyes. Characters don’t seem to be the only thing that Funko are creating however. Joining their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line up is the TMNT party Wagon.

The little van is cute as ever, with space for one Pop! Vinyl in the front seat – a perfect addition to anybody’s Funko collection, especially if they already have the turtles in their grasp. The Party Wagon does come with a Pop! of its own – Michelangelo, eating a slice of pizza, but if you decide he’s not worthy of driving the van around, you can swap him out.

The van is available to buy from Amazon.

Frozen Fever


Frozen is insanely popular with children and adults alike, and having made around 1.3 billion dollars at box office, it’s officially the biggest animated movie of all time. Personally, I don’t see the big deal.. But I’ve got some news you Frozen fans out there will love – Frozen is getting a sequel.

Ok, so it’s not a full length sequel, it’s more of a one off ‘short’. How short it will actually be, I don’t know, but according to Variety, the miniature movie will be called Frozen Fever, and will be about Anna’s birthday. ‘Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk’. Olaf will also make an appearance.

There are currently no details on when the short will be released, but Spring 2015 is being thrown around. It’s also unclear as to how everyone will be able to watch Frozen Fever. The short will be directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and a brand new, original song will be created so you can all finally stop singing ‘Let it go’.

Image of the Day | Creepy Groot


I honestly didn’t think baby Groot could get any cuter until I saw this picture illustrated by Christopher Uminga. GRRR.. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

Image of the Day | Twins


Thanks to Anamatroy, it’s occurred to me that Hodor and Groot are basically the same person..

PS. Totally going to see Guardians of the Galaxy tonight – super excited!!

Image of the Day | Dexter is Dexter


I always thought Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory would turn into a serial killer, I just had no idea it would be a certain blood splatter analyst from Miami.

Everyday Cosplay: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck it Ralph)


I watched Wreck it Ralph for the first time the other day, and now it’s up there as one of my favourite animated movies. It was amazing! I can’t believe I left it so long to watch. One of the main characters, Vanellope, is just adorable and I absolutely loved her, as well as her little outfit. That’s why I’ve decided to create an Everyday Cosplay based on the clothes she wears in the film. Her outfit is a little out there, so I had to tone it down a bit, but the items I’ve picked follow her theme pretty well.

Here’s my Everyday version of her clothing;


Vanellope’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a hoody, skirt, tights and boots, along with some accessories based around sweets. The black boots were the easiest thing to find. I picked a super shiny pair from Dr. Martens. They’re sturdy and robust, perfect for all of Vanellope’s shenanigans. The green tights are from Modcloth, and the green hoodie was from Billabong. The brown skirt was the hardest thing to find. I picked a pleated one from Farfetch.

I wanted a red bow for her hair and ended up picking this one from Forever 21. A red ribbon would also work well. Finally I wanted some sweet themed jewellery. I chose a penny sweet necklace from Misi, and some gummy bear hair clips, which are my favourite part of her outfit, from Etsy. There are loads of different colours available.

Artist Alley: If They Could Transform..


I’m off to see the new Transformers movie tonight. I’ve heard people complain that it’s 2 hours of robot battling.. What exactly were you expecting? I am personally looking forward to it, and to get myself in the zone, I’ve been listening to a LOT of Linken Park whilst admiring some amazing Transformers fan art. I decided that I had to show you guys my favourite set of illustrations.

Created by Darren Rawlings, these particular Transformers don’t turn into your typical vehicle, they turn into iconic pop culture cars. General Lee, the Batmobile, the TMNT Party Wagon name a few. What’s better than a Transformer? A Transformer that turns into a time traveling Delorean. Super cartoony, drawn with vibrant colours and happy faces, I just adore them.