15 Nerdy Jumpers for Christmas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day may have been and gone, but there’s still a week to go until Christmas, which means there’s plenty of time to don your favourite festive attire.

Here at NNP we believe the geekier the better, so I’ve decided to show you some of the best Nerdy jumpers out there.

Don’t forget to check out last year’s Nerdy Christmas Jumpers – there are still a few available online.

Which one is your favourite? If you already have a nerdy Jumper for this Christmas, let me know.

Stranger Things Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Stranger Things


Jaws Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Jaws


Donkey Kong Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Donkey Kong


The Walking Dead Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Walking Dead Lucille


Legend of Zelda Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Legend of Zelda


Jurassic World Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Jurassic Park

(Truffle Shuffle)

Frozen Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Olaf


Bulbasaur Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Bulbasaur

(Game Seek)

Thor Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Thor


Stranger Things Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Stranger Things Lights


ET Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers ET(IWOOT)

Labyrinth Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Labyrinth

(Truffle Shuffle)

Punisher Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Punisher


Rick and Morty Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Rick and Morty


Buffy Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Buffy


Aladdin Pop! Vinyls

With the announcement that a live action Aladdin movie will be hitting screens in 2019, it was only a matter of time before Funko announced that the next Disney movie to get the Pop! Vinyl treatment was going to be its animated predecessor.

The collection – which is long overdue – includes Aladdin, his partner in crime Abu, Princess Jasmine in her slave outfit, Rajah the tiger, and Jafar in genie form. There’s also a jafar variant which is glow in the dark.

These aren’t the first Aladdin Pop Vinyls to grace Funko’s shelves. Princess Jasmine, along with the genie, and jafar in human form, have already been released prior to this new collection. You can also get a hipster version of Jasmine.

I’m personally loving Rajah, and I think the Jafar genie would make a great addition to my Funko collection – he looks really detailed. Am a little disappointed with Abu however. He’s just not cute enough.

What do you think of Funko’s latest Pop Vinyl’s? You can purchase them all here.

Villains Need Love Too

If you’re struggling through Monday as much as I am, you might appreciate these illustrations by artist Nacho Diaz – they’ve certainly made my week a hell of a lot better. Depicting heroes hugging their evil counterpart / misunderstood frenemies – depending on which way your moral compass points, these pictures are beyond cute.

Diaz’s collection is aptly named Villains need love too, and include the likes of Batman and the Joker, Harry and Voldemort, Han Solo and Jabba, and my favourite – Deadpool and.. Deadpool. You can see my favourites below, but if you need more cute in your life, check the rest out here. Which one’s your favourite?

Five Real Places That Inspired Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast came out on DVD this week, so I finally got to watch it, and I’ve got to say.. I loved it. I loved the cast – including Emma Watson, who I initially had some reservations about – I loved the CGI, I loved the characters, and I loved the sets; which are what I want to talk a little more about today.

How stunning was this movie? From the little cottage that Belle and her father lived in, to the forest they travel through to get to the Beast’s castle, not to mention the castle itself – just wow! And that library #librarygoals.

Unfortunately, most of these places aren’t actually real, so you can’t visit them. The production team built all the sets at Shepperton Studios in the UK, then took them down when the movie was complete. However, they did base some of the beautiful locations in Beauty and the Beast on real life places, so I’ve made a list of a few you should check out if you get the chance.

Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord in Loire Valley, France was the inspiration for Beast’s castle. Although it’s not an exact replica, you can definitely see similarities between the two, especially with regards to the turrets and spires. It’s interior was also used as inspiration for rooms such as the Kitchen and the grand entrance hall. The Chateau is open to the public all year long.

Nymphenburg Palace

When Belle is held prisoner by the Beast, she gets given the best boudoir in the castle, and what better room to base this on than the Hall of Mirrors in Nymphenburg Palace, Munich. This exquisite room is decorated with silver and blue alcoves, and tonnes of mirrors, which Belle’s room replicates – it’s just a little dustier.

Bibloteca Joanina

As a bit of a bibliophile, Beast’s library was my favourite room in the castle, so I instantly had to find out if it were real or not, and it turns out that the Biblioteca Joanina at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, will give it a run for its money. The 18th Century Baroque library is three stories high, filling three great rooms with over 200000 books, definitely enough to make even Belle envious.

St George’s Fountain

The iconic fountain within Belle’s village can also be found outside of the movie, in Rothenburg, Germany. It is called St George’s Fountain and was used as a centerpiece for their market place.  At 8 meters tall, it’s a little larger than the one in Beauty and the Beast, but the renaissance decorations that cover it are almost identical.

Village of Conques

The fictional town of Villeneuve, home to Belle, Maurice, and Gaston, is inspired by a real village in the south of France called Conques, Aveyron. This historic town is filled with small medieval streets, archways, and cobblestone paths, very similar to those in Beauty and the Beast. You can even see the resemblance between the houses’ black and white walls, and triangular roofs.

Geek Picks of the Week

Star Lord T-Shirt | If you’ve seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you’ll have noticed that Star Lord is rocking a new Tshirt. It’s pretty hard to miss – containing Chris Pratt’s rippling muscles and all. At first I thought it said something like Yeah Baby, but apparently it reads Gears Shift, so if you have some of your own gears to shift, Redbubble have created a pretty accurate version of this already iconic tee. And if you want a long sleeved version, you can find it here.

Anne of Green Gables Print | Have you watched Netflix’s new series Anne with an ‘E’ yet? If you have, chances are you fell for Anne Shirley just as I did. She’s enchanting, and manages to see the beauty in just about everything. That’s why I love this print created by Letter Wright. It’s stunning, full of life and colour, resonating Anne’s personality to a tee. The quote is one of my favourites too – ‘Dear old world, she murmured, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you’.

Woody Door Stop | I knew I had to share this door stop as soon as I saw it on Instagram – it’s looks like so much fun. Toy Story is a timeless movie – one that I don’t seem to think about a lot these days – but it will always hold a special place in my heart as the first film I saw at the cinema. Getting his hat stuck under the door is such a Woody thing to do. You can find more info about the stop here.

Steven Universe Jewelry Set | Steven Universe is a fandom I’ve only gotten into recently, but even though I’m a mere 10 episodes in, I already know it’s going to be a favourite of mine. These acrylic miniatures created by We’re all Mad Here are amazing – depicting Rose Quartz’s sword and Lion, they’re just what I need to start an unhealthy obsession. So much pink!

Whimsical Disney Bags by Danielle Nicole

With the release of a new live action Beauty and the Beast movie, and the announcement that even more classics will be getting the same treatment, adults everywhere are understandably falling in love with Disney all over again – myself included.

If you are one of those people, you need to stop what you’re doing and check out these stunning bags. Created by Danielle Nicole, in conjunction with Disney, the collection is inspired by the Princesses we all wished we could be at one point in our lives.

Inspired by the likes of The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and of course Beauty and the Beast, these quirky accessories are full of whimsy. Adorned with glitter and pompoms, and shaped like the characters they represent, they’re perfect for all the modern princesses out there.

My personal favourite is the Flounder crossbody because – cutest fish in the sea – but I’m equally in love with the Cogsworth, and I kind of want that Sleeping Beauty clutch as well – us nap loving ladies need to stick together.

Which bag is your favourite? Have you been loving the live action Disney Films so far? Which one are you most looking forward to seeing?

Cinderella Bag

Cinderella Bird Clutch

Plumette Bag

Beauty and the Beast Rucksack 

Ariel Bag

Beauty and the Beast Rose Bag

Cogsworth Bag

Sleeping Beauty Clutch

Beast Rucksack

Flounder Bag

Sebastian Pouch

Ursula Bag

Snow White Bag

Evil Queen Clutch 

Evil Queen One Bite Rucksack 

Tinkerbell Bag

Beast Clutch

Disney in Autumn by Isaiah Stephens


The amazing Isaiah Stephens, who created this incredibly creative All Grown Up series a few years back, has returned with a new collection of pop culture illustrations – this time in the form of Disney Princesses.

Partnering up with Cosmopolitan, the pictures show what the world of Disney is like in the Autumn; where ball gowns are traded in for comfy jumpers, and pumpkins are being carved – not turned into carriages.

My favourite illustration looks at the costumes some of princesses would pick to wear at Halloween – Jasmine as Wonder Woman being my favourite. You can check out the rest of his images below.


Image of the Day | The Little Merman


I came across this illustration by Luke Flowers, on Gallery 1988 and decided it had to be shared because it’s simply the craziest pop culture mash-up I’ve ever seen – who the hell would think to combine Zoolander with The Little Mermaid? Seriously! Seeing Derek Zoolander as Ariel, and Hansel as Prince Eric is the most bizarre yet beautiful thing in the world.

Alice in Wonderland Pop! Vinyls

The story about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole is timeless, and has seen many adaptions – none more exciting than Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for the big screen. With the announcement that there is a sequel in the works; Alice Through the Looking glass, Funko have seemingly decided it’s about time to grace us with a selection of Pop! Vinyl’s based on the movies.

This latest collection, due to be released in February 2016, includes Alice, along with the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. These are some of the more detailed Pop’s I have seen to date; the Mad hatter being my favourite with his intricately designed jacket and hat, holding a tea cup. Which one do you guys like the most?


Disney Dorbz

If you thought Funko couldn’t create anything more adorable than their Pop! Vinyls, you were completely wrong. Dorbz are one of Funko’s newest collections, and are just the cutest things ever. They are half the size of Pop! Vinyls and come equipped with their own oversized head and rotund tummy. They also have the smiliest faces – even the villains are grinning.

The latest addition to the Dorbz family is the Disney Collection; heroes, heroines and villains alike. The first set, which includes characters from Sleeping Beauty, Monsters Inc, Lilo & Stitch, and Mickey Mouse, will be released in December; but the real cuties won’t be out until March 2016. This set includes Beauty (in two different outfits), Beast, Ariel, Ursula, and Alice, along with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

I’m personally in love with the Mad Hatter – I just adore his tiny hat and bow tie. Which one is your favourite? Will you be adding any Dorbz to your Funko collections? You can pre-order most of them now from Entertainment Earth.

alicedorbz queenofhearts arieldorbz ursuladorbz belledorbz beastdorbz yellowdressdorba FU5995lg FU5994lg