Kevin Smith Minifig


Yes you heard me right! The legendary Director/Writer/Actor/Nerd, Kevin Smith, (you guessed it, I’m a fan of his) has been turned into a Lego Minifig. No, you will not be able to purchase him, but you may be able to play as him – he will be appearing in the new Lego Batman Game.. as himself.

Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham, will be the third Lego game based on the Dark Knight. It will feature over 150 characters from the DC Universe, and now Kevin Smith will be appearing as well. The game has a release date of 11th November. Check out the trailer below.

Bag yourself a Shiny Gengar


Pokemon fans are in for a real treat over the next few months. Obviously, we all have the Alpha Ruby Omega Sapphire re-make to look forward to – but this isn’t the only thing to be excited for because Nintendo announced the release of a few Event Pokemon to add to our collections.

Between 15th October and 5th November, X & Y players will have the opportunity to get their hands on a special code from GAME stores, which will allow them to receive a Shiny version of the Ghost Pokemon; Gengar. He will come holding a Gengarite Mega Stone, ultimately turning him into Mega Gengar.

Gengar isn’t the only Event Pokemon available though. New Pokemon Diancie will also be obtainable via a code from GAME. This will follow the release of Shiny Gengar, between the dates of 6th November and 28th November.

GAME is a UK exclusive store, but fortunately the rest of the world won’t miss out. American fans can grab the codes for each Pokemon from participating Gamestop stores, and if you happen to be near an Intertoys Store or a Bartmsit Toystore, you can grab codes from there too.

Finally, Pumpkaboo, the Pumpkin Pokemon, will be available via the Nintendo Network throughout October to coincide with Halloween. To claim this special Super Size Pokemon, you need to make sure your 3DS is connected to the internet.

You need to select ‘Mystery Gift’ in the main menu, ‘Receive Gift’, and ‘Via Internet’ to receive the Pokemon. The Delivery Girl in the Pokemon Centre will pass it to you once you’re back in the game.

Sunset Overdrive Bundles


If you guys haven’t heard about Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive yet, then consider this me filling you in. Exclusive for Xbox One, this is the craziest game I’ve seen in a while. It’s set in a fictional open world called Sunset City, where you play as an employee of FizzCo (this energy drink that’s turning people into orange blobby mutants) and fight said mutants with an array of crazy ass modified weapons – Teddy Bear grenade launcher, Vinyl Slingers etc. There are zip lines and grind rails, tones of Parkour and ridiculous amounts of bouncy objects to jump on. It’s Infamous meets Just Cause. It looks shit hot.


For those of you who have heard of the game, and are as excited as I am to get your hands on it, you need to check out the bundles that are becoming available. At Game you can get the Overcharge Delerium XT Edition bundle, which comes with the game and a whacky hoody. The hoody looks as insane as the game; half orange, half multi-coloured, with cans of FizzCo and cross hairs covering it. Ok, so maybe it’s a little out there, but it works out at about a tenner which is a bargain – the bundle is £54.99 and the game on its own is £44.99.


Another awesome bundle is the White Xbox One bundle. This is the first time the White Xbox One has become available to the public, and it comes with a copy of Sunset Overdrive thrown in. The bundle contains a 500GB Xbox with a matching white wireless controller. You can get it for £309.97 at Gamestop. It will go on sale on 31st October – the games release date.

Pokémon Steelbooks


I’m pretty excited to get my hands on Nintendo’s next Pokemon games; the remade Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And now, with the announcement of a Limited Edition Steelbook becoming available, I’m even more desperate for them.

The Steelbook comes in a bundle with a limited edition legendary figure. Depending on which game you end up going for; Ruby or Sapphire, you will get a little Kyogre, or a Groudon.

They are currently available for pre-order on the Nintendo UK website, valued at £39.99, which is only a little bit more than the £36.99 un-steely, regular game, however if you pre-order the regular games from the Game website, you get a free toy as well.

Either way, the game is unfortunately not available until November, but at least that gives you time to decide between Steelbook or no Steelbook. Just look at how shiny they are!




Elder Scrolls Update 4


Elder Scrolls Online have just announced a loyalty plan for their subscribers, which is due to start in September. YAY – free stuff! If you’ve been subscribed for three months or more, expect goodies to start flooding your way – the first being a vanity pet in the form of a High Hrothgar Wraith. They also suggested that those who have been subscribed for six months or more will receive something extra, but what that will be is currently unknown.

I’m not sure how frequently these gifts will occur, but ESO have stated that the loyalty program will keep expanding over time, so expect a bundle of in-game awesomeness. I’ve only been playing for about a month, but am addicted, so this news is incredibly awesome in my opinion because I have wanted a pet to follow me around since I started. Just two more months to go and it’s mine!!

This isn’t the only ESO news circulating though. Zenimax just released some stunning pieces of artwork showcasing Craglorn, a new area coming to the Elder Scrolls Online map in update 4. According to their website, players will face treacherous new deives, the Serpent Trial, the Dragonstar Arena, and more as you explore the MMORPG’s first Adventure zone.

Update 4 is currently available as a PTS (Public Test Environment) for players to try out. You can pick up a level 14 character template and dive straight into Craglorn. To find the PTS, open the ESO launcher, and click on ‘Show Public Test Environment’ within the Options menu. You’ll then be able to download the client and play the PTS by selecting it under Games.




Pokemon Monopoly


Whoa Whoa Whoa – are Nintendo trying to give me an excitement overload? Two of my favourite things; Board Games and Video Games, are being combined to make one amazing piece of time consuming joy! And it’s based on Pokemon.. COME ON!!

Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition, as it’s known, is due for release on the 15th September. Based in Kanto, it will no doubt revolve around the original 150 Pokemon characters. Images of the game pieces have already been released, and look adorable. You will have a choice to play as Pikachu, Eevee, or Jugglypuff, as well as the three original starters; Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. I’m claiming Squirtle right here right now, FYI!

The board game takes you through eight gyms where you will battle all kinds of Pokemon. You can buy, sell and trade with other trainers. There are even Battle Cards and Professor Oak cards which will either reward or penalise you for your encounters with Pokemon.

You can buy it now for £29.99 from Amazon.





Trailer Time: Pokken Tournament

Ever wondered what a Pokemon Streetfighter style game would look like? Well check out the trailer below, because Nintendo are joining forces with Bandai Namco’s Tekken team to create Pokken Tournement, and have released a teaser trailer so fans can see what to expect. The trailer shows Machamp and Lucario really battling it out. Both […]

2K Games Steam Sale


Game Publishers, 2K Games, have just announced the beginning of a massive sale for their entire game catalogue on Steam. With between 50% and 80% off everything, you’re looking at some AMAZING bargains. I for one am going to be taking full advantage of this, especially now I have a sexy new laptop (yes I’m going to keep throwing this little fact out there as much as possible because it is beautiful).

The sale is just for the Weekend, finishing on 24th August, so get in there while you can. Here are some of my personal favourites. You can check out all of their reduced games here.

Borderlands – £3.29 (-67%)
Borderlands 2 – £4.99 (-75%)
Borderlands 2: Game of the Year – £8.74 (-75%)
Bioshock – £3.49 (-75%)
Bioshock 2 – £3.49 (-75%)
Bioshock Infinate – £4.99 (-75)
Bioshock Infinate + Season Pass – £10.79 (-70%)
Bioshock: Triple Pack – £8.24 (-83%)
XCOM: Complete – £8.24 (-67%)
Mafia II – £4.99 (-75%)
The Darkness II – £3.99 (-80%)
Civilization V: Complete Edition – £11.54 (-67%)

Nerdy Ninja News: w/c 3rd August


– Kyle MacLachlan is joining the cast of Marvels Agents of SHIELD as a recurring character. He will be playing the role of Skye’s father. Skye was a character made specifically for the television show, so we currently don’t know anything about her father.

– The rights to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles have been acquired by Universal Studios. The series of novels include the already adapted Interview with the Vampire, along with around 10 other books. Anne Rice’s son, Christopher Rice, is set to write the screenplay for one of the novels; Tale of the Body Thief.

– The upcoming Terminator movie has officially been given a title – Terminator: Genisys. Genisys will apparently be the first movie in a trilogy. Little is known about its storyline, though there are rumours it is a reboot of the franchise.

– The release date for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has been brought forward from 6th May 2016, to 25th March 2016. Its initial release date would have clashed with the release of Marvel movie; Captain America 3. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any other competition in March.

– The game, Battlefield 4, is getting an update in September, aiming to improve the quality of its core gameplay. The team are currently looking at the areas that need the most attention. These include the game modes; Rush, Obliteration, and Capture the Flag. The update will also allow for the customisation of UIs.