Artist Alley: Cute Star Wars Variants

Comic Book Illustrator, Skottie Young, is continuously winning us over with his adorable variant covers for the #1 issues of Marvel’s most popular comics. Throughout the year he has created ‘baby’ versions of some of our most beloved characters, and now, he will be designing covers for one of the biggest franchises around: Star Wars. […]

Image of the Day | Yellow is the New Black


Orange is the New Black and Guardians of the Galaxy fans – REJOICE! Anne La Clair has created an awesome mash-up of the two.

Image of the Day | Creepy Groot


I honestly didn’t think baby Groot could get any cuter until I saw this picture illustrated by Christopher Uminga. GRRR.. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

Image of the Day | Twins


Thanks to Anamatroy, it’s occurred to me that Hodor and Groot are basically the same person..

PS. Totally going to see Guardians of the Galaxy tonight – super excited!!

Image of the Day | Dexter is Dexter


I always thought Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory would turn into a serial killer, I just had no idea it would be a certain blood splatter analyst from Miami.

Artist Alley: Sailor Moon / Disney Mash-up


As I haven’t posted any Disney Princess related fan art in what seems like forever (which is just plain wrong), and due to the fact that I’m incredibly excited about the release of the new Sailor Moon series in less than a week, I have found one of my favourite mash-ups yet.. Disney characters in the style of Sailor Moon.

Aren’t they just beautiful? Created by Deviant Artist Drachea Rannak, the popular princesses have been reimagined to look like anime characters. Not only this, but their usual outfits have been drastically shortened, and studded with bows, to make them look just like Sailor Moon and her pals. I lover Ariel’s interpretation especially, with a big purple bow that takes the place of her shell bikini top.. All the classy.