15 Nerdy Jumpers for Christmas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day may have been and gone, but there’s still a week to go until Christmas, which means there’s plenty of time to don your favourite festive attire.

Here at NNP we believe the geekier the better, so I’ve decided to show you some of the best Nerdy jumpers out there.

Don’t forget to check out last year’s Nerdy Christmas Jumpers – there are still a few available online.

Which one is your favourite? If you already have a nerdy Jumper for this Christmas, let me know.

Stranger Things Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Stranger Things


Jaws Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Jaws


Donkey Kong Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Donkey Kong


The Walking Dead Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Walking Dead Lucille


Legend of Zelda Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Legend of Zelda


Jurassic World Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Jurassic Park

(Truffle Shuffle)

Frozen Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Olaf


Bulbasaur Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Bulbasaur

(Game Seek)

Thor Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Thor


Stranger Things Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Stranger Things Lights


ET Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers ET(IWOOT)

Labyrinth Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Labyrinth

(Truffle Shuffle)

Punisher Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Punisher


Rick and Morty Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Rick and Morty


Buffy Jumper

Nerdy Christmas Jumpers Buffy


Gotta Catch Em All

I’ve been in love with Hard Times Clothing ever since stumbling across their online store. Their designs gave off a ‘tattoo’ vibe which, at the time, was quite original. One of their latest collection strays away from that style, and yet, is my favourite to date – why? Pokemon that’s why.

So the line isn’t actually labelled Pokemon, probably for legal reasons or something similar, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Fire Dragon. Grass Lizard. Water Turtle. Yeah, we all know that’s code for Charizard, Venasaur and Blastoise. The designs are basically ‘what would Pokemon look like if they were real’ and the answer is ‘terrifying’.

Each shirt is £24.99 and range from size small to XXL. I’m a little in love with ‘Water Turtle’ more than any of the others because Squirtle was the one, and turtles in general are just awesome. Which one do you prefer?


Poke Rangers


Creating a cosplay for a single character is pretty hard in its own right, so when I saw that a group of friends created a group cosplay combining Power Rangers and Pokemon, my mind was blown.

The quintet made their costumes for Otakon 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. The helmets, which are by far the best bit, were made out of cardboard covered in Bondo auto body filler (whatever that is) and finished with a visor made out of a cola bottle. Their weapons were created from poster board, pvc pipe, and foam.

The team consists of Mega Garchomp, Mega Scizor, Mega Charizard X, Mega Rayquaza, and Magikarp. Magikarp is by far my favourite, purely because of the giant pink lips that surround the visor – he looks so derpy. You can find more photos of the group here.

So which one is your favourite? What other Pokemon do you think would look awesome as a Power Ranger?





10 Must Have Geeky Swimsuits for Summer 2015

Summer has well and truly begun, which means holiday season is just around the corner. This also means it’s new wardrobe season, and 2015 seems to be an exceptionally good year for nerdy swimsuit purchasing. A swimsuit is pretty much the only thing you need to make sure you remember when you go away (except for your passport of course) so why not make it a good one. Here are my 10 favourite fandom swimsuits. Check them out below.

1. The Little Mermaid Bikini from Hot Topic

2. Snow White Swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing

3. Wonder Woman Bikini from Pin-up Girl Clothing

4. Harley Quinn Swimsuit from Spencer’s

5. Robin Bikini from TheGeekGarden

6. Batman Swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing

7. Sailor Moon Bikini from Hot Topic

8.  Game of Thrones Swimsuit from Poprageous

9. Tardis Swimsuit from Fit2btiedClothing

10. Pokemon Bikini from Hot Topic

10 Geeky Sunglasses For The Summer

Summer is getting ever nearer, the skies are getting ever brighter, and my eyes are getting ever so slightly more damaged with the severe lack of sunglasses in my life; so this week I’ve been searching for the perfect pair. Etsy, being the glorious treasure trove that it is, seems to house the most fabulous, unique selection around. Here are my absolute favourites. Would you wear a pair of these bad boys?

Pikachu Sunglasses by ketchupize


Hello Kitty Sunglasses by SuicideBarbieBowtiqu

Adventure Time Sunglasses by InkHeartKicks

Nightmare Before Christmas Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Avengers Sunglasses by PoppinCustom

Gryffindor Sunglasses by SnackPakGang

Superhero Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Spider-Man Sunglasses by ketchupize

Doctor Who Sunglasses by PoppinCustom

Pixel Sunglasses by BubbleGumGraffiti

Batman / Joker Sunglasses by InkHeartKicks

Earth / Water Pokemon Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Adventure Time Sunglasses by ketchupize

Stars and Shrooms Sunglasses by SnackPakGang

Leggings Are Coming To Teefury

Leggings are one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear. They look awesome, they’re super comfy – even when you’re having one of those annoying girly ‘nothing fits me’ days, and there are so many different designs available; you could never get bored.

I tend to gravitate towards particular brands when it comes to buying leggings because I like mine brightly coloured, and nerdy. I also like a decent quality – not those horrible thin ones that people can see your pants through. Black Milk Clothing and Poprageous are currently two of my favourite stores to buy leggings from, but I think I will be adding one more shop to that list; Teefury.

Teefury are known for selling one of a kind, geeky tshirts on their site, but have recently branched out into the legging department. They have limited designs available at the moment, but what they do have is extraordinary. Out of the six different available pairs, I would seriously consider purchasing all of them.

The prints available include Pokemon, Harry Potter Spells, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and the most adorable Doctor Who design I’ve ever seen. Each pair is only $35, which is a very reasonable price compared to most other online stores – though as a new brand, I cannot vouch for their quality.

My absolutely favourite pair are the Pokemon leggings ‘In the Tall Grass’ which are covered with grass type Pokemon – though I’m a poke addict so probably a tad biased. I also really like the look of the Sailor Moon leggings which are incredibly vibrant and super girly.



Cute Cubone Tattoo


Cubone has never really been one of my favourite Pokémon, there have always been cuter and more exciting one’s that I’ve been drawn to, but after seeing this tattoo of the Ground type, what was I thinking? He is so freaking adorable! This particular interpretation was created by tattooist Piotr Gie from The Rock ‘N’ Roll Tattoo Studio. The colours are vibrant, the shading is perfect, and I love the way Gie perceives Cubone coming out of his pokeball.

Cute Fandom Bookmarks

For somebody who has shelves and shelves of books, I am severely lacking in the bookmark department. I hate to admit it, but I’m a fold the page corner kind of girl *looks at feet ashamed* 

You’ll all be pleased to know however, that there is a possibility that I may soon change my ways, because Craftedvan have the cutest collection of magnetic bookmarks in the universe. Their Etsy store is filled with sets of miniature page tabs from all sorts of nerdy fandoms, every one designed to look as adorable as humanly possible. It’s all very kawaii!

My favourite is undoubtedly the Pokemon set, which includes Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and a Pokeball. I also love the Super Mario and Sailor Moon sets as well. They look like they’d be relatively easy to make yourself, but I’d never get them as perfect as these.


Five Games I’m Loving Right Now

This weeks Fandom Friday is all about video games, so I am right in my element. As an avid gamer, I usually end up starting a new game every week. Yes, I could probably do something much more efficient with my time, but there’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a beautiful virtual world. I have played hundreds of games in my lifetime, and have tonnes of favourites so it would be impossible to pick the five I like the most. Instead, this list contains my five favourites, that I am currently playing or have just finished.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG created by Bethesda. It’s similar to World of Warcraft, in that it’s a subscription based online game, but I personally prefer it, and think ESO is much more beautiful. The graphics are unbelievably life like, and the scenery is so imaginative that I have wanted to jump right into the PC on numerous occasions. I’m generalky not a PC gamer, preferring consoles like the Xbox One, but I made an exception for Elder Scrolls. Luckily it will be released on Xbox later this year so I can continue playing on a platform I’m more comfortable with.

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an episode based game created by Telltale games. When I say episode based, I mean that it has been split into 5 chapters that get released in intervals. It’s modelled on Bill Willingham’s graphic novel series, Fables, about fairy tale characters living in a modern world, and is an interactive game, so you are tasked with moral dilemmas, where you have to make your own mind up about which route to take. The best thing about this game is that the outcomes are different depending on which route you chose, so if you play simultaneously with a friend, chances are, different things will happen in your game than theirs.

Lego Batman

I really like Lego, and I really like Batman, so playing Lego Batman was a no brainer for me. It’s not a very complex game – it is aimed at children after all, but it’s heaps of fun. You work through little chapters where you can play as every single character you can imagine, and each has their own special ability, whether that’s becoming invisible, or being incredibly strong. My favourite thing about the game however, is that you can let of steam. Almost the whole game is destructible, because it’s made of Lego, DERR!


Minecraft is a game where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s like a slightly simpler version of the Sims, in that you can create any building you want, only in Minecraft, there are no limits. If you want a shack, build a shack, if you want a castle, build that castle, and if you want to build Gondor from LOTR, then expect to lose a year of your life. It’s not just building though. I’ve found I have a great fondness for mining, and Sam has a thing for building strange contraptions that take him almost a day to complete then end up simply locking a door *rolls eyes* 

Pokemon X and Y

My Nintendo DS is one of my prized possessions. Why? Because without it I wouldn’t be able to play Pokemon. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the latest Pokemon games to have been released, but I’m still addicted to X and Y. If you don’t know how Pokemon works then, well, you must of had a very sad childhood. Ok, you probably didn’t, you probably had an awesome childhood exploring outdoors, but you didn’t get to play with Pikachu, so Nerr *Pokes tongue out* 

Image of the day | In Case of Fire

It’s almost the weekend, so I thought I’d kick off the occasion with this incredibly cute picture of Squirtle. It was created by Nacho Diaz, I just wish it was real. Squirtle is a boss at putting out fires, I don’t think anything else would make me feel safer than having his Hydro Pump ability laying around.