Star Wars Celebration Pop! Vinyls

For those lucky enough to attend Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration next month – you’re in for a surprise from Funko.

Funko, who have just announced their new line of Pop Vinyls. The collection includes characters from the original trilogy, as well as the prequels AND Force Awakens. There are even a couple from Star Wars Rebels – Grand Admiral Thrawn being my favourite.

There will be 12 exclusives in total, including Hoth Princess Leia, Hooded Luke, and Han Solo. There will also be a holographic Qui Gon Jinn – which looks fricking awesome – and a Rey figure that comes with her very own Speeder.

Unfortunately, as exclusives, most of these will only be available at the event, so if you know someone who’s going, get them to grab your favourites – and pick up a few for me yeah? Alternatively, wait until May when a few of the figures are rumoured to hit stores such as Target and Hot Topic.

Check the whole collection out below:

What do you think of Funko’s new figures? Which one’s your favourite? Will you be adding any to your wish list? 

Rock Candy Funko Figures

Funko is probably best known for their cute chibi style Pop! Vinyls, but they also have a huge range of other toys and figures available which they seem to add to every year. Their latest collection is a new line called Rock Candy, showcasing the ‘most powerful women around’, and I already adore them.

These new vinyl figures stand at 5 inches tall and come with a removable base. They will launch in June with a collection of heroines from the DC universe; Sugergirl, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman (Batman v Superman), Batgirl, and Batgirl (Burnside) – my personal favourite.

The figures can currently be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth for $10.99.


Independence Day Pop! Vinyls

Independence Day: Resurgence is due out in cinemas later this year, and has everyone reminiscing about its 1996 predecessor – myself included. I adored Independence Day back in the day, it’s an absolute classic, and the cast were perfect; Jeff Goldblum *googly eyes* Bill Pullman and Will Smith. Unfortunately Smith won’t be returning for the sequel, but that hasn’t stopped Funko turning him into a Pop! Vinyl.

Due for release in February, their Independence Day collection includes Smith’s Steve Hiller, Goldblum’s David Levinson – equipped with those amazing red glasses – and that creepy ass Alien from the movie. You can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth. What do you think of Funkos latest collection? Will you be grabbing your very own piece on Independence Day?


Batman v Superman Pop! Vinyls

The one movie I’ve been looking forward to watching in 2016, above any other, is Batman v Superman. I don’t think it will be the greatest movie in the world, but I LOVE Batman and everything he stands for, so no matter what the movie is like, I HAVE to watch it, and I already know I’ll love it.

I’m preparing my pockets for the inevitably huge array of merchandise coming to tie in with the film, and already know what my first purchase will be – a new Batman Pop! Vinyl to add to my collection. Funko have just released images of their Batman v Superman Pop! Vinyl collection, and they are perfect.

The collection includes Batman, Knightmare Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, and a Superman Soldier. Knightmare Batman has gone straight to the top of my want list. He looks steampunkly badass with his clenched fists, trench coat and goggles. I’m also in love with their Aquaman. The detail on this pop is incredible; all of his tattoos are there. Funko have even added Jason Mamoa’s iconic missing chunk of eyebrow.

I can’t find a specific date detailing when they will be available, but January 2016 is listed so I expect soon. You can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth.


Alice in Wonderland Pop! Vinyls

The story about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole is timeless, and has seen many adaptions – none more exciting than Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for the big screen. With the announcement that there is a sequel in the works; Alice Through the Looking glass, Funko have seemingly decided it’s about time to grace us with a selection of Pop! Vinyl’s based on the movies.

This latest collection, due to be released in February 2016, includes Alice, along with the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. These are some of the more detailed Pop’s I have seen to date; the Mad hatter being my favourite with his intricately designed jacket and hat, holding a tea cup. Which one do you guys like the most?


Fallout 4 Pop Vinyls

Fallout 4 has been out less than a week, but Funko has already jumped on the bandwagon by announcing a line of Fallout Pop Vinyls which will be available in January 2016. The collection includes a rather scary looking John Hancock, a T-60 Power Armour suit, a Vault Dweller, and my personal favourite – Dogmeat. Is he not the cutest?

This set of four joins the already released Fallout collection which is made up of Lone Wanderers, Vault Boy, Brotherhood of Steel characters and more. Each figure can be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth for $9.99.


Disney Dorbz

If you thought Funko couldn’t create anything more adorable than their Pop! Vinyls, you were completely wrong. Dorbz are one of Funko’s newest collections, and are just the cutest things ever. They are half the size of Pop! Vinyls and come equipped with their own oversized head and rotund tummy. They also have the smiliest faces – even the villains are grinning.

The latest addition to the Dorbz family is the Disney Collection; heroes, heroines and villains alike. The first set, which includes characters from Sleeping Beauty, Monsters Inc, Lilo & Stitch, and Mickey Mouse, will be released in December; but the real cuties won’t be out until March 2016. This set includes Beauty (in two different outfits), Beast, Ariel, Ursula, and Alice, along with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

I’m personally in love with the Mad Hatter – I just adore his tiny hat and bow tie. Which one is your favourite? Will you be adding any Dorbz to your Funko collections? You can pre-order most of them now from Entertainment Earth.

alicedorbz queenofhearts arieldorbz ursuladorbz belledorbz beastdorbz yellowdressdorba FU5995lg FU5994lg

Saved By The Bell Pop! Vinyls

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you might have come across a little TV show I like to call Saved By The Bell. I pretty much learnt everything I needed to about school from that series; everybody needs a time out, nerds are actually pretty cute, school is a great way to kill time between weekends..

It’s been 26 years since SBTB first aired, but Funko have rightfully decided that this long forgotten series needs remembering. They’ve created six Pop! Vinyl figures based on the main characters in the show; Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa.

As you can imagine, they’re wearing the most perfect 90’s inspired outfits, Zack is even holding his iconic mobile phone – Yes kids, that’s what a mobile used to look like. And Screech.. well, check the figures out for yourself.

You can pre-order them all now from Forbidden Planet.

image image image image image image

Inside Out Lego


There is no denying that I have fallen in love with Pixar’s Inside Out – hard. In fact, I’m getting worryingly close to that obsessive stage, you know, the one where you end up with matching bedsheets and pyjamas.

In the interest of staying closer to my physical age rather than my mental one, I’ll avoid buying a Sadness duvet cover for now, but I’ll be damned if I miss out on Inside Out Lego. Ok, so it’s not an exact reality right now, but it should be.

Created by Okay, the project is up on the Lego Ideas website looking for support. If it reaches 10,000 supporters then it will be looked at by a board of Lego bosses who will then decide whether the set will be made – which it should.

I mean come on, look how cute the emotions are as minifigs – well, except for Fear, his eyes are terrifying!

This particular set would come with the Control Panel from the movie, as well as an idea lightbulb, a core memories container, and the shelving unit along with loads of memory orbs.

They have just over 2600 supports so far, but still have a long way to go, so if you’re a fan, don’t forget to vote.





LEGO Rocket Heads to Space Station


Andreas Mogensen, who was launched to the International Space Station last week, is officially the first Danish man to head into outer space – but he wasn’t alone. Mogensen shared his spotlight with 20 specially designed LEGO figures, who each bore the European Space Agency Logo on their chests. I can’t believe a mini-fig travelled to space before me. HMPF.

When the toys return to Earth on 11th September, they will be presented as prizes to the school children who took part in a competition to create a short movie using LEGO, about the European Space Agency. Lucky sods.